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Δημοφιλείς προορισμοί



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Arcadia, a place of unexpected beauty that charms every visitor. The variety and especially the contrasting landscapes of infinite beauty create images and make it a unique destination. In addition, the Arcadia is a place with a long and turbulent history, which is reflected in numerous monuments of the county but also in all our memories as the Arcadian land from antiquity to modern times, has given birth to many heroes.

The prefecture of Arcadia, apart from the other prefectures of the Peloponnese, because it combines the wild beauty of the mountain to the seaside charm. From the mountains of Menalon and historic villages of the prefecture, to the tourist coast with beautiful beaches, Arkadia surprises the visitor.
Located in the Peloponnese. Northern borders with the prefectures of Achaia and Corinth, west of the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia, in the southern prefecture of Laconia and east bordering the bay of Argolis.

Most of the Arcadia prefecture is mountainous with larger Mainalo mountains with an altitude of 1981m. That on top of a ski center, and Parnonas and  Artemision.
The largest plains are located on the plateau of Tripoli and the plain of Megalopolis.
The river Alpheus and stained with the Erymanthos even the Lucius contribute greatly to the economy of the county.
Lake Taka is an important wetland. It also provides the opportunity for residents of neighboring areas to irrigate their farms.

The lake Moustos is an important habitat of wild birds in the area. Particularly important for the region is an artificial lake of Ladon and the water moves the hydroelectric plant and irrigated throughout the valley.
Attracts thousands of tourists during summer are the wonderful beaches of Kynouria combining the crystal clear waters of the beauties of nature.

When browsing the Arcadia except natural beauty, you admire the sights. Like, the ancient Tegea of Karytaina of Orchomenos, Mantinea and Great City. We know the towns of the county of Tripoli and Megalopolis. We visit Vitina and Dimitsana most popular tourist resorts of Arcadia and the Astros in the small fishing port and beautiful beach.

If you have not visited Arcadia, plan. Whatever season you find yourself in Arcadian land, you will enjoy your stay. Apart from the tours will provide opportunities for entertainment and activities.
Especially sports enthusiasts will be amazed by the choices. In summer you can practice water sports on the beaches of the prefecture, while in winter the ski resort offers unforgettable Mainalon hours of entertainment and sports on the slopes

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