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Δημοφιλείς προορισμοί



There are no translations available. Η Ρώμη, η αιώνια πόλη, εκπέμπει μια... Read more...


There are no translations available. Αν πρόκειται για το παρθενικό σας... Read more...


The magical and shiny Parnon mount, the beautiful and diamond beaches, the fishermen's villages, the spas, the picturesque villages of Parnon with their unique identity and architecture, the mythology, the numerous archeological sites, the rich history, theinexhaustible popular tradition, the Byzantine monuments and monasteries, Tsakonia, the flora of the area with rare pharmaceutical and aromatic plants, the interesting fauna, the wetland of Mousts, the magnificent plateaus and ravines, the caves, the wells, the threshing floors, the stone made bridges, the windmills, the castles, the towers, the lime-kilns, the wine presses, the traditional ovens, the olive presses, the sheepfolds, the old paths, the fests of land, the festivals, and many more treasures, comprise the products of a toutist industry capable os fascinating even the most demanding visitor.

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